The album

11 PM. I had just finished my dinner and was surfing net for a while. The phone rang with a special tone assigned to her. I was surprised. She never calls this late. Must be something special. Probably she received the surprise courier package. I knew she must have been delighted on receiving the beautiful photos of her, clicked by me. Was already feeling happy thinking of the joy I gifted her.
Picked up the phone with the feeling of happiness. “Hey. Whazzup?” My usual conversation starter. “I received a courier today. Did you send it?” Her tone wasn’t particularly joyful and happy. “Yes. Did you like it?” I had prepared for ‘You’re very welcome’ but couldn’t say that. “You could have given this in college. Why did you courier it?” The tone got harsher. ‘But then, it wouldn’t have been equally surprising.’ wanted to say but gulped my words. “You could have asked me which photos to print. I would have suggested some”, she continued saying. ‘But I already chose the most beautiful photos of you. What better photos would you have suggested?’, once again I gulped my words.
“Why aren’t you saying anything? I’m asking you something”. All right. It was time to say something. “I thought you would like it”. That was the only thing I could say, I wanted to say and I said. I hung up the phone without saying anything. And prepared myself mentally for some more things to hear next day in college.

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