The Tears

Break up and tearing heartA fresh morning. I had just got up and checking my mails, just like any other day. The phone rang. “It better not be her, It better not be her”, I said myself. Yes, It was her. Calling me almost after 1 month. A feeling of happiness ran from toe to head. And a nervousness wave followed it.
I took the phone and ran to balcony. “Hi. Whazzup?”, the best conversation starter. “I called up to say only one thing. We don’t have future together. Its better you forget me and move on with your life. I’m sure you will have a great future without me and will never even remember me.” I wasn’t shocked. Not even surprised. This was very well expected, though it came bit late. Two months late to be precise. We were fighting like crazy dogs for a while. I knew she was seeing someone else for a while, only that she never accepted it. “I understand. Thanks for calling. All the best.” Couldn’t think of any better reply.
I hung up the phone and looked to the lush green hill nearby. People were out for early morning jogging. Everyone seemed happy in the fresh morning. And so was I. Very happy, very fresh and very much relieved. I came to room with the fresher mood. Mandar was surprised with my very short telephonic conversation. He had never seen me hanging up the phone before talking for atleast one hour. “Is everything all right Bhaiyya?”, he asked. “Yes. Very great. Let’s go for tea”, I said. Sensing something, he said “All right. But first go and take a shower”.
I entered the bathroom. Looked at the mirror. My face wasn’t sad. Not at all. Not particularly happy as well. It wasn’t showing any expressions. I looked closely. There was something in the eye. A water droplet probably. I saw it. And the next moment, I collapsed. Didn’t have any stamina to even get up.
I just opened the tap of shower. The water was falling all over my body. And I was lying there, with no action, no movement, no words. Only tears were falling out of my eyes and submerging in the water from shower. Charlie Chaplin preferred to walk in the rain, I preferred crying in shower. The reason being the same. “No one should see my tears!”

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  1. PAWANKUMAR says:

    Hi Dinesh………….I read it and till the last word forgot that its you who wrote it………The wording is so appropriate ….so simple topic but u made it so interesting……….Do keep writing…..

  2. archana says:

    Hi Dinesh, got to read sumthing frm u after a very long time. Just loved it. Do keep writing.

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